The floor of shop John Henry - 3rd storey Crescent Mall


John Henry was the first American brand provide the long-sleeved shirt product which created a revolution in trading shirts and garments in Europe. On 01/2012, a fashion store that was officially opened at the 3rd storey Crescent Mall, branded John Henry. MS Co.,Ltd was proud to plastic tile of the Company which was selected as flooring products for this fashion store.



- Representing decades of metropolitan flair and heritage, John Henry sportswear and dress shirts offer an entree to the value-conscious new professional wardrobe.

- The look reflects his simplified lifestyle: always polished, appropriate and versatile with timeless details and flattering fits.

- In 1999 Perry Ellis International acquired John Henry, adding fresh, world-renowned American design elements and colorations to this iconic brand.

MS Co., Ltd provided and implemented the luxurious plastic-tile-fake-stone floor at this store. It contributes to improving the luxury and the proximity of John Henry fashion products. It promises to bring a lot of success for John Henry fashion store at Crescent Mall.







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