The floor of shop Aino Sofia - 2nd storey Crescent Mall


On 06/01/2012, Crescent Mall was officially opened. Numerous of members of Crescent Mall that attract customers to visit and shop, were respectively opened. One of them was Aino Sofia fashion brand. Bringing together the elements of European influenced fashion and Japanese influenced fashion into one store forms the back bone of Aino Sofia. MS Co.,Ltd was proud to plastic tile of the Company which was selected as flooring products for this famous brand.



Based on the brand concept of providing a fresh range of elegant luxurious pieces at affordable prices, Aino Sofia is built on a global network of highly experienced design houses in Vietnam, Japan, Canada, and the United States led by our two Chief international designers Fumio Akiyama, and Dominique de Sentino. Aino Sofia even has our own production and fabric sourcing facilities in China, Thailand, Taiwan and Vietnam. Aino Sofia embodies the concept of a transnational company.


The perfect combination between plastic tile floor of MSCo., Ltd with the fashion products of Aino Sofia will bring many new success for Aino Sofia shop at the most modern Crescent Mall in Việt Nam.
Some pictures show the perfect combination:







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